Habib Capital Preservation Fund

Plan Short Name: HCPF


Investment Objectives:

The objective of Habib Capital Preservation Fund is to provide attractive return while providing protection to the principal amount of investor.

The Capital Preservation will be provided by dynamically allocating a portion of the Fund in fixed income instruments in capital protection segment and remaining amount will be invested in stock market using CPPI methodology.

Capital preservation means that the net realizable value of investment shall not fall below the initial investment value, provided the investment is held till completion of the duration of the Fund as per the terms specified in the Offering Document.


•  100% Capital Protection.

•  Managed by Professional and Seasoned Fund Managers

•  Optimal returns with limited exposure to the equity market

•  Avail Tax Rebate on investments as per Section 62 of ITO 2001

•  Benefit from an active, focused investment process which aims to achieve consistently strong investment performance while minimizing risks.