AL Habib Pension Fund (AHPF)

AL Habib Pension Fund (AHPF) is an open-ended Pension Fund Scheme. AHPF is the best way to systematically invest for your post-retirement needs. It has the potential to deliver superior returns on your investment.
Investment Objective
The objective of AL Habib Pension Fund is to provide individuals with an individualized, funded (based on defined contribution) as well as flexible pension scheme which is managed by professional investment managers to assist them to plan and provide for their retirement.  The design of the scheme empowers the participants to invest their pensions as per their desired asset allocations.
For Investors’ Seeking
To build voluntary pensions for financial stability after retirement.
Tax Credit Can be availed by Pakistani citizen over the age of 18.
You can add any amount on Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly or Monthly or as desired by the Participant.
Invest in different asset classes in order to have diversified portfolio depends on your retirement goals, age, and risk appetite.
Risk Profile
Risk profile/Risk of Principal Erosion: Depend on Investment Plan