AL Habib Islamic Cash Fund (AHICF)


AL Habib Islamic Cash Fund (AHICF) is an open-ended Shariah Compliant Money Market Scheme which invests in high qualiy and low risk shariah compliant debt securities and shariah complaint bank deposits with maimum maturity of sox months.

The major portion of investments are made in term deposits with 'AA" or above rated Islamic Banks/Islamic window of commercial banks and Shariah Compliant Goverment Securities.

Investment Objective

The investment objective of the Fund is to provide its unit holders optimum return from a shariah compliant portfolio of low risk and short duration asset while being highly liquid.

For Investors Seeking

- Short term shariah compliant investment avenues

- Regular and stable shariah compliant source of income shielded from volatility of long-term fixed income instruments and stock market

- Tax rebate upto 20% as per section 62 of income Tax Ordinance 2001

- Professional & experienced Fund Management

- High liquidity, no lock-in period, no penalty on withdrawals

- Easy to encash

- No entry / exit charges

Fund Type/Catagory Open-ended Shariah Compliat Money Market Scheme
Benchmark Three months average deposit rates of 3 AA rated Islamic Banks/Islamic windows of conventional banks as selected by MUFAP
Risk Profile Very Low (Principal Erosion at Very Low Risk)
Pricing Mechanism Backward pricing (Known Pricing)
Minimum Subscription

Initial Investment of Rs. 5,000/-

Subsequently Rs. 1,000/- per transaction.

Allocation of Units On Realizing of Funds