First Habib Cash Fund

Fund Short Name: FHCF Launched on March, 10 2011

First Habib Cash Fund (FHCF) is an open-ended Money Market Fund having an objective of providing its unit-holders competitive returns from a portfolio of low risk, short duration assets while maintaining high liquidity. FHCF invests in term deposits with commercial banks and Government Securities (T-Bills). Rating of any security in the portfolio will not be lower than “AA”. FHCF will have no exposure in equities or long term debt instruments.

Investment Avenues & Restrictions

As per SECP's Circular No: 07 of 2009 dated March 06, 2009

  • Government Securities, cash and near cash instruments which include cash in bank accounts (excluding TDR’s), Treasury Bills, money market placements, deposits, certificate of deposits (COD), certificate of musharakas (COM), TDR’s, commercial papers, reverse repo.
  • No direct/indirect exposure to equities, that is no exposure in equities, MTS and Spread transactions, etc.
  • Rating of NBFC and Modaraba with which funds are placed should not be lower than AAA (Triple A).
  • Rating of any bank and DFI with which funds are placed should not be lower than AA (Double A).
  • Rating of any security in the portfolio shall not be lower than AA (Double A)
  • Time to maturity of any asset shall not exceed six (06) months and;
  • Weighted average time to maturity of the net assets shall not exceed ninety (90) days.

Initial & Subsequent Subscription

Fund Name Initial Subscription Subsequent
First Habib Cash Fund Rs. 5000/- Rs. 1000/-