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What is a Fund?

The Fund operates quite simply. Investors pool their money in a Fund which is managed by professional managers who invest money in a wide range of securities depending upon the category and objective of the Fund. The assets created through the investors' contribution to the pool are divided into units and the increase and decrease in the value of each unit reflects the performance of the Fund. As increasing number of investors put additional money into the Fund, more assets are purchased and more units are issued and added to the Fund.

Who should invest?

All individuals, corporate bodies, NGOs, trusts, retirement funds can invest in our Funds depending upon their risk profile and requirement.

Salient features of the Funds:

  • There is no minimum holding period. The units are encashable anytime at redemption price and payment will be available within six working days.
  • There is no ceiling on investment.
  • Performance of the Funds can be assessed each day through sale/ redemption prices.

Tax Credit for individual investors:

Individual unit holders can draw benefit of tax credit by investing in mutual funds as per Income Tax Law.

How will the Fund profit be distributed?

The income earned on the investments and realized capital gains are distributed to the Unit holders in proportion of the number of units owned. It is mandatory for Mutual Funds to distribute atleast 90% of their income to Unit holders. The income is distributed in the form of cash or bonus units.

How will the sale and redemption price be determined?

The sale and redemption prices of all the Funds are announced daily , based on Net Asset Value (NAV) so the investors are updated of the financial status of the Funds on a daily basis. The prices are also available on our website.

How to invest in the Fund?

You can have access to the relevant forms (account opening and purchase) through the following source: