Code Of Conduct


This Code of Conduct outlines the ethical and professional responsibilities of AL Habib Asset Management Limited  (Formerly: Habib Asset Management Limited) towards employees, shareholders and all other stake holders. The purpose of this Code of Conduct (“Code”) is to improve and systematize the Company’s governance, to implement professional standards and corporate values. This code of conduct is in addition to the Statement of Ethics and Business Practices which is signed by each and every employee at the year end.


Business Principles:


To provide a congenial work environment which is free from all bias or prejudice towards race, cast or religious beliefs.


To ensure all employees are adequately qualified to perform their duties.


To ensure that all employees are adequately compensated.


To ensure that all employees fully understand and observe the philosophy of the Habib Group and work towards achievement of corporate objectives.


To motivate staff members to maximize their efficiency and to recognize and reward accordingly.


To maintain a constant training program for employees to improve their knowledge and skills.


To believe in fair competition without defaming other Asset Management Companies.


Not to give inducement whether in cash or in kind to investors.


Deal fairly and objectively with all clients of the company.

For Directors and Employees of the Company:



Comply with NBFC Rules and Regulations, Code of Corporate Governance, Company Law and all the applicable laws including laws governing capital market.


Act with integrity, competence, and dignity and in an ethical manner when dealing with public, clients, prospects, employees and peers.


Conduct business operations with honesty, integrity and openness, and with respect for human rights and interests of the employees. The legitimate interests of all stakeholders rank equal and are to be protected.


Avoid all such activities in which personal interest conflicts with the interest of the Company, its customers or shareholders.


To ensure that all employees maintain complete confidentiality and all information relating to the company is held in the strict confidence by the employees of the Company.


Preserve the confidentiality of information given by the unit holders while assessing his/her investment requirements.  


Not to indulge  in  any  kind  of  harassment  including  sexual  harassment  or  intimidation whether  committed  by  or  against  any  senior/junior,  co-worker,  customer,  vendor  or visitor.


To avoid participating in any political activity or in such personal behavior during or after office hours or in any subversive activity which may bring disregard to the Company.


All employees of the Company will be responsible for the safe keeping and return in good condition, all the company’s property which may be in their use, custody, care or charge.


Use reasonable care and prudent judgment while making investment decision based on the performance of the company and market information.


Take investment actions in accordance with the company’s stated policy.


Not to engage in any such practice which lead to artificially inflate the stock market.


To inform and take approval of the management if any one of his relatives, in direct relation by marriage is considered for an employment or appointed in the Company.


All employees are expected to avoid personal activities and financial interests, which could conflict with their responsibilities towards the company


Place the unit holders’ interest supreme.


Provide adequate disclosure and information regarding investment policy of the company to the investors.


While proposing the investment in any particular Fund evaluate and understand client’s investment objectives (long term /short term), risk tolerance, time horizon, liquidity needs, financial constraints and tax benefits.


Propose the most suitable investment solution to the clients.


Establish contacts with the unit holders on an ongoing and timely basis.


Ensure timely delivery of Statement of Accounts and other information to the clients.


Senior management is responsible that this Code should be communicated, understood and followed by all employees in order to perform their duties efficiently and effectively.


Any breach of the Code must be reported in accordance with the procedures specified by the management. Any matter, as may be deemed significant for the attention of the Board of Directors by the Chief Executive Officer of the company, shall be placed for the attention of the Board.


Implementation Date:

This Code shall become effective following the approval by the Board of Directors.


This Code may amended from time to time duly recommended by the Chief Executive Officer and approved by the Board of Directors.

Date of Approval of Code:

The Code has been approved in 49th Board meeting held on July 05, 2013