First Habib Regular Income Plan

Plan Short Name: FHRIP


A plan that enables you to invest your savings to earn better returns. The profit on your investment can be received on monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual basis. This profit can be transferred directly into your account or sent via cheque or a demand draft.

Investment Objective:

To generate consistent returns and provide a stable stream of regular income from portfolio that is invested in fixed income instruments.


  • Liquidity: no fixed-term holding period i.e. you can redeem whenever without any penalty
  • Regular profit pay-out: you can opt to receive your profit on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annual basis.
  • No charges on withdrawal.
  • Tax rebate: under Sec 62 and 63 of Income ordinance, 2001, your investments in mutual funds entitles you to avail tax credit and enhance return on your investments.
  • Minimum investment: Rs. 100,000 (one-time), subsequent investments of Rs. 500.

FHRIP - Term Sheet